Janée Baugher

The Body’s Physics
Janée Baugher

“In The Body’s Physics Janée Baugher explores “narratives of marrow,” creating a wondrous intersection between the physical embodied world and the presence of a keenly observing human mind. As her fine gaze takes in “Muting folds of skin like exclamation marks,” she enlarges the reader’s sight along with her own. Baugher finds words for the wordless as the body and artwork acquire voices, bringing the visual into language, the heart’s unsaid into words.”
—Alice Jones, author of Plunge

“In The Body’s Physics, Janée Baugher’s poems reveal how art creates life. Wild with ideas, rich with emotion, her lines focus on paintings and sculpture, then leap from them into her own spirited imagination. Her words praise what “we see and can never see.” Her profound conversations with visual art, deep journeys of mind and body, remind us to be “open in the manner that a sea opens.” Fine gifts, these poems.”
—Peggy Shumaker, author of Toucan Nest

“Janée Baugher's ekphrastic poems move in a synaesthetic dance with the physical body. The Body’s Physics, explores the vivid color/vibrant motion of emotion as, one by one, the poet picks the lock of paintings, sculpture, and poems. The recombinant DNA of Baugher’s chosen gallery generates its own idiosyncratic “axial heat.””
—Judith Kitchen, author of Half in Shade

“Ekphrastic poems must not simply describe their subjects; they must embody them. In The Body’s Physics, Janée Baugher demonstrates extraordinary poetic vision, and her lyric style is both tender and resolutely connected to the body.”
—David Roderick, author of Blue Colonial

The Body’s Physics
ISBN: 9781939670006
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