Daniel Romo

Moonlighting As An Avalanche
Daniel Romo

Daniel Romo is the author of Apologies in Reverse (FutureCycle Press 2019), When Kerosene’s Involved (Mojave River Press 2014), and Romancing Gravity (Silver Birch Press 2013). His writing and photography can be found in The Los Angeles Review, PANK, The Good Men Project, Yemassee, and elsewhere. He received an MFA from Queens University of Charlotte, and he lives in Long Beach, CA.

“In Moonlighting as Avalanche, Daniel Romo gives us prose poems as proverbs, filled with famine, faith, frailty, and failure, but also filled with hope, vulnerability, trust and healing. In a voice both wise and searching, Romo’s poems function almost like prayers or incantations, “an approaching whisper, a collection of last breaths holding up a life.” Like an avalanche, there is falling and breaking, but also moving away from the source of rupture and headlong toward a softer landing, a new beginning.”
— Donna Vorreyer, author of To Everything There Is

“Every plot of land is in cahoots with one another to withstand the weight of its own world,’ Daniel Romo writes in Moonlighting as an Avalanche, and so it is with each poem in this remarkable book. Romo populates his prose poems with brief wisdoms, each one as delicious as it is dangerous. Thoughtful and lyrical and bold, these poems offer deep ruminations on the dualities of nostalgia and trauma, of desire and memory, all bristling with Romo’s wry humor and his ability to continuously enact confrontations between the heart and the histories that pain it.”
— W. Todd Kaneko, author of This Is How the Bone Sings

“In Moonlighting as an Avalanche, Daniel Romo’s poems plumb the worthy mysteries of love, faith, failure, change, who we were, and who we might become. “There is no graceful way to gut the twilight,’ he writes, but his work does just that, probing those moments when the sun seems to set, appraising them with honesty, and rendering them with deep beauty. Part marvel, part mirror, this is a book of continual surprise.”
— Ashley Farmer, author of The Women

Moonlighting As An Avalanche
ISBN: 9781939678935

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