Sarah Luczaj

An Urgent Request
Sarah Luczaj

A Fortunate Daughter Book
An Imprint of Tebot Bach

“Sharp, dramatic, funny and shocking poetry.”
—Yuri Andrukhovych, poet, novelist, essayist, and oo—founder of
literary performance group Bu–Ba–Bu (Burlesque—Bluster—Buffoonery).

“I read An Urgent Request with enormous appreciation. The mix of emotion and imagination, the near side of the domestic juxtaposed with the wrenching human questions, without the scaffolding of overt autobiographical narrative, immediately brings to mind some of my very favorite poets: Akhmatova, Radnoti, and Rosario Castellanos. Beautiful poetry.”
—Jeffrey Greene, author of The Golden Bristled Boar

“From the tenderness and breathlessness of “oh my girl” to the irony and humor of “How to Take Control of Your Own Life,” Luczaj’s sensitive and daring poems invite the reader to follow her and to heed her urgent request—no, no, let’s swim a little further.”
—Heather Hartley, author of Knock Knock

An Urgent Request
ISBN: 9781939670365
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